What is Brahma


Your Trusted Ally in the Cyber Landscape

Brahma EDR/NDR/XDR is an all-in-one, enterprise-grade cybersecurity solution. This suite is designed to identify, prevent, and respond to both known and emerging cyber threats across your organization's infrastructure.

Using advanced machine learning and behavior analytics, Brahma offers advanced detection and response capabilities across endpoints (EDR), network (NDR), and extended (XDR) systems.

System Overview


The Dashboard is your central hub for monitoring real-time security metrics. It offers a concise overview of your security posture with interactive charts, graphs, and alerts. From here, you can access key information such as recent threats, active alerts, and system health statuses. The user-friendly interface ensures that critical data is always just a few clicks away.

System Overview

Security Configuration Assessment

The Security Configuration Assessment interface provides a comprehensive view of your system's security configurations. It identifies potential vulnerabilities due to misconfigurations and suggests necessary changes. The detailed breakdown helps you maintain robust security practices by ensuring your systems are correctly configured in accordance with best practices.

System Overview


The MITRE Attack interface visualizes your defensive coverage based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework. This allows you to understand the various tactics and techniques attackers could employ against your systems. The interface illustrates how well your defenses can detect, mitigate, or prevent these threats, providing a comprehensive view of your preparedness against complex cyber-attacks.

System Overview

Vulnerabilities Dashboard

The Vulnerabilities Dashboard provides a centralized view of all identified vulnerabilities within your network. It organizes vulnerabilities by severity, source, and age, enabling you to prioritize and manage your remediation efforts effectively. By displaying this information in an intuitive and interactive manner, the dashboard allows you to take immediate action on critical risks and monitor ongoing vulnerability management activities.

How it Work

Bussiness Benefit


Advanced Threat Detection and Rapid Response

The suite uses advanced machine learning and behavioral analytics to identify known and emerging threats in real-time.


Improved Compliance and Risk Management

Brahma's robust compliance reporting capabilities make it easier for your organization to meet regulatory requirements.

It's proactive threat detection and response capabilities reduce the risk of a successful cyberattack, protecting your reputation and bottom line.


Unified Cybersecurity Management

Brahma EDR/NDR/XDR provides an integrated platform to manage your cybersecurity posture across endpoints, networks, and cloud services.


Supported By

Mobile Endpoint Detection Response

Key Features: Log collector, Command Execution, File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), Security Configuration Assessment (SCA), System Inventory. Malware Detection, Active Response, Container Security Monitoring

Network Detection Response

Key Features: Protocol Support TCP/UDP/ICMP/SMTP FTP/DNS/SSH/TLS. Sniffer Mode, Multi Threading. Intrusion detection, Signature & Behavior Analysis, Logging

Extended Detection Response as Security Orchestration, Automation & Response

Key Features: SOAR, Extensive Integration, Data Collection, Security Data Analysis, Automation, and Reporting

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Key Features: Multiple Data Source Integration, Automatic Analysis, Visualization Correlation, STIX, and TAXII, API, and Integration

Attack Surface Management

Key Features: Asset Discovery, Auto Scanning Tools. Vulnerability Management, Ticket & Assignment Management, Configurable Scan Engine, Wordlist Management, Integrated Tools Arsenal, Security Monitoring, Reporting Tools

Unified Cybersecurity Management

Streamlines security operations by integrating endpoint, network, and extended security into a single platform, giving you complete visibility and control.

Utilizes machine learning and behavioral analytics for real-time detection of both known and emerging threats, offering proactive protection.

Enables rapid response to identified threats, effectively minimizing potential impacts on vour operations.

Offers comprehensive insight into all activities across your network, endpoints, and cloud services, helping you identity vulnerabilities and monitor risk levels.

Designed to grow with your business, capable of handling increased data volume and complexity without sacrificing performance or security.

Offers 24/7 customer support and professional services for product implementation, training, and threat hunting assistance, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Provides robust compliance reporting capabilities, making it easier for your organization to meet various regulatory requirements.

Consolidates multiple security functions into one solution, reducing total cost of ownership and increasing operational efficiency.

Proactively identifies, assesses, and mitigates risks, helping you reduce the likelihood of a successful cyberattack.

Regular updates and integration with a continuously updated threat intelligence database ensure that vour security posture remains strong against evolving cyber threats.